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IPC Global - SPT: Fatigue, Soils, Rock, Asphalt & Earthquake Testing

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IPC Global – the researcher’s choice for
advanced asphalt testing equipment
IPC Global is the researcher’s choice for advanced dynamic asphalt materials testing technology. With 20 years of innovation and research, IPC Global is the world leader in providing researchers with versatile, high quality, accurate and affordable testing solutions for asphalt, soils, unbound granular and pavement materials.


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Fatigue Test

Soils, Rock and Other Unbound Materials Testing

The IPC SPT (Simple Performance Tester) or AMPT (Asphalt Performance Tester) is a fully integrated package comprising a triaxial cell, environmental chamber, hydraulic actuator and pump, a refrigeration and heating unit with heat exchanger and a control and data acquisition system. Most commonly used to test the performance of pavement materials, our SPT is the most adaptable on the market -with its Windows based operational and analytical software. Inputs derived from the SPT are analysed and processed to provide practical results required at contractor and industry levels.

IPC develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of beam fatigue apparatus testing equipment from stand-alone systems to single jigs for use directly with IPC UTM load frames. Perfect for those in the manufacture industry, particularly those with pre-built hydraulic systems, IPC fatigue test apparatuses are second to none and have been developed to automatically perform with various industry standard including EN12697 and prEN13108 at frequencies up to 60Hz. Again, all systems are controlled by the latest Windows based software.

IPC has been instrumental in the design and development of unbound materials testing software and equipment for over 20 years. Our focus is on machines such as the UTM-100, which has a 100kN capacity and is hydraulically driven - perfect for use in laboratories. Additionally, IPC has developed a range of machines for soils test, rock testing and other unbound materials testing. Contact us today and ask us more about our UTM range!

Dynamic, Resilient Modulus

From Asphalt to Earthquake Testing

Cyclic Triaxial

Defined as the ratio of stress to strain under cyclic loading, the dynamic modulus test can be run against a large number of bound and unbound pavement materials on IPC's own UTS Software. The software comes with all UTM-Series equipment, including the UTM-100. Additional to the Dynamic Modulus test, a resilient modulus test is also possible - as is dynamic creep and 4-point beam fatigue.

IPC Global, a world leader in testing machines has developed a wide range of equipment capable of testing everything from asphalt mixture performance test (AMPT) to those used for testing the effects of earthquakes. So whether your business is in the market for a soils testing machine, machine for fatigue test, rock testing apparatus, asphalt testing device or earthquake testing materials - contact IPC Global, today!

IPC have removed the complexity from Cyclic Triaxial testing with their cyclic triaxial system. Did you know IPC controllers and software have been the driving force behind advanced soils testing systems from ELE, Wykeham Farrance and Controls. Increase your soil and unbound material research capabilities to accurately simulate these most extreme real life conditions with the IPC.

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